I am a creative director in kindergarten Exupery International School, thus I have an opportunity to be constantly in contact with our students and help them discover the world, so big and so diverse. I help children learn to communicate with each other through respect and understanding of the culture and traditions.


I love children, because exactly with them we can be sincere and genuine. I feel like their friend and mentor who can share my life and professional experience with them. I was born and raised in Bordeaux (France), I worked as a Director and Co-founder in the International companies in Switzerland, in Africa and countries of Indian Ocean. I built partnerships between France and Cuba in cultural and business way.


Since 2009 I have worked in Russia in a team of professionals and people who think similar to me. My team was successfully developing, and we managed a private VIP-level kindergarten in Moscow.


I am fond of music, creating of modern tracks, I practice surfing and playing squash.


Here are some ideas about my approach to the educational programme, which I was involved in for many years:

–  teach – it doesn’t mean to fill a vessel, it’s to kindle the fire;

– give a passion to children about studies of subjects – this is the main goal in kindergarten;

– provide structured lessons, based on the adapted culture-oriented programme in a playful way;

– be able to listen and be patient, help to understand and be able to explain the material in different, and most importantly simple and accessible ways, supporting the children throughout the school year and offering them classes for early awakening.


To main the educational process interesting, we have to make it easily to understand, and take into consideration the difficulties and individual characteristics of each child.


Therefore, teachers are even actors who transform every day into different heroes: the brave musketeers, the Little Prince, the doctor, astronaut, etc.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

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