Teaching, exchange of knowledge, art and altruism makes a resonance in me and also in my pedagogical concept.


I was born in Paris (France) and from the childhood I have always been in the creative atmosphere (father – musician and singer, mother – specialist in literature).


I finished several levels in literature and fine arts. I continued my education in the area of psychology in order to create my own project, which aim was – harmonious interaction of art, family and children.


But something was missing; I was trying to find myself and my calling. For 10 years I was engaged in the management of music and culture, working for French companies such as the concert hall La Coopérative de Mai, and for some international companies, including Sony Music.


I also organised master-classes for preschoolers and French painters who worked with children. At this point, I was inside the world of literature; I watched scientific and educational films and attended the conferences which aim was development of educational system of preschool age children.


In recent years, I have taught French language in bilingual kindergartens. Exactly preschool age attracts me the most, because it is the first time when children are in contact with nature and obtain the first life skills.


This is the reason why I think that teachers should take into account the rhythm and the potential of each child individually in their work and training process. We give our children the keys to open the world of knowledge and socialisation, herewith doing it with great curiosity, joy, confidence and creativity.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

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