6th Senses Club

The more unusual life is, the more exiting it is to live. Life often demands a creative approach. The ability to think out of the framework makes us witty, resourceful, successful, and enterprising. The ability to be creative plays an important role in the process of achieving extraordinary results in the business and creative life, and in any field in general.
It is often argued that it is impossible to teach creative thinking. This is not quite true.
Exupery International School team feels like an optimistic part of humanity, and we believe that imagination can be developed.
Moreover, we believe that creativity (part of which is the imagination) is not a talent from God, but some “muscle”, which can be pumped like the press.
We believe that there is something that only creative people can do. Let’s try to find and reveal their secrets in ‘6 Senses Club’. The classes are organised in the form Detective Agency of role-play game. Students learn to observe, collect information, to analyse, to fantasise, to invent, to find ideas, to look at things from different angles, to see and be able to find always and everywhere a few options to choose from to find the best solution.
The main approach in our ‘detective agency’ is using experiments to learn how patterns work and find creative solutions and answers. Our ‘young agents’ understand the importance of training in the ability to re-think what you see in front of you.
6 Senses Club serves like a pocket charger in case of running out of creative batteries, self-confidence to dare and achieve the impossible. But everything else is the secret!

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