Art World

My art classes offer the possibility of creative expression for every child, always utilizing various sets and types of materials. My method consists of finding an individual way for working with every child, thus helping them to develop their own ideas in a manner that is interesting, exciting and creative. I am convinced that every student is capable of being diverse and creative, and it is the instructor’s task to help in finding these qualities by demonstrating that in art, absolute anything is possible; it is also a teacher’s task to encourage experimentation, thus encouraging development of competence and knowledge. The freedom to experiment gives children courage to try new things without being scared to fail, which is often a negative factor in artistic expression. Children believe they are not good enough, and are also afraid of not being good enough. Individual work with every child ensures bonding with their own creativity and allows children to enjoy the creative process, happily anticipating the next art class.
As I used to say — Expose yourself to art and see what happens!

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