Interactive Culture Club

The Interactive Culture Club aims to connect students with people, places, and customs from all around the globe. Everything from historical French innovations to Afghan cuisine is on display for the students through the use of the latest software and hardware, emphasizing a high-tech, hands-on, and multimedia-based approach to cultural understanding and education. The club seeks to expand students’ knowledge of the world and the ways in which cultures interact with each other, as well as spark conversations about diversity and its value in a modern society. Students love working with arts, crafts, and songs as they learn about a country’s vibrant culture and rich history. At its most basic level, the club operates with limited English verbal instruction, prompting students to associate cultural symbols and images with English vocabulary. Rather than overwhelming them with unknown words and traditional writing assignments, it feeds their natural curiosity with state-of-the-art technology (such as SmartBoards) and group projects. The club acts as a launching point for the students of Exupéry International School, inspiring them to travel with confidence, connect with various cultures and nationalities, and expand their own understanding of the globe.

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