Science, programming, robotic and technologies are my passion. Why does the car go, how does the helicopter fly, how could people live without computers and travel from Point A to Point B without using modern transports? Thus, by asking myself such questions from early childhood and trying to find answers, I decided to study in that way and have been graduated in scientific university in France. I developed control solution for the most modern automobile factory, software for production process for the biggest mining equipment in the world…


Pedagogy for me is a family history. I am the son of a primary school teacher and the grandson of a high school director in France. Teaching genetics and thirst for understanding the world through sciences helped me transform the traditional system of preschool education into a dynamic process.
Since 2009 I have worked in a team of professionals and people who think like I do. Our team successfully managed a private VIP-level kindergarten in Moscow.


We experimented a lot with different techniques, took the best and created a new combination in the pedagogical process, which contributed to children’s positive attitude. We are happy when children don’t want to leave us in the evening, and look forward to meeting us the next morning.


I am technical director of the kindergarten of Exupery International School, and I teach children not to be shy and not to be afraid, if you misunderstand things. I give an opportunity to try and invent something and make a mistake. After all, when you make mistakes and fail, you open a new page of your life experience and knowledge.
I love science, I am fond of mechanics, modern gadgets in the entertainment and sports industry, I have a dream to see our planet from space and experience weightlessness.


Besides, I am a happy father of a two-year-old son, who helps me to discover the world around us over and over again: we do sports, assemble and disassemble equipment, towers and technical kits, we sing, we dance, we communicate with our friends, and we count all the steps on the hill and dream to walk on the moon.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

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