My name is Veronika. Since 2006 I have been working in the field of education, constantly improving my professional skills to keep being an interesting companion and mentor for students of all ages and backgrounds. I have always been motivated to work with the new generation of children – active, fast, interactive, at the same time meeting the latest trends in the world pedagogy.


In my pedagogical career I have been working as an English teacher, deputy principal, teacher of additional education and lecturer. I am an author of the additional education programme on teaching secondary school students how to debate in a foreign language, as well as a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) programme to help students simultaneously acquire English and different subjects (science, history, regional studies, business/ economics, and language arts).


Children nowadays have an innate desire for self-realisation, are eager to manifest their active nature, they do not tolerate violence and protest when adults make them do something they are not encouraged to. It means that teachers should provide the environment for active learning.


The core part of any educational process is communication between associates from different countries, and it is important to provide the circumstances for their cooperation. Together with colleagues we have organised various Nordplus international projects, which won the grants of Baltic-Scandinavian Foundation and gave an opportunity of involving students and teachers in mobility trips in European countries. It enabled their participation in educational activities. Participation in international projects helped to broaden students’ minds, to establish friendly relations with educators in many European countries. Communication with teachers and pupils from the partnership schools turned into real friendship and long-term cooperation.


My daily work includes the organisation of educational and extracurricular activities of students, regular cooperation with teachers and parents, methodical work. My motto is to help each student develop their strengths and achieve the best possible results in their studies, as well as discover their talents.


I think that one of the essential duties of every educator is to support the life-long-learning, so I regularly attend courses, speak at conferences and forums, and share ideas with colleagues. The lifelong-learning atmosphere in the organisation contributes to making a healthy, open and transparent educational environment for children and adults.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

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