I am a teacher of dance, rhythmic exercises. Dancing for me is more than just a profession, it is my life.


I began to practise ballroom dancing in my childhood. And probably, the combination of art and sport (that I liked) carried me away very deeply.


I need to thank my coaches from from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, England and Russia for my first steps in Riga and the versatile concepts they’ve invested in me.


Children and youth dancing didn’t bring me the absolute first places, and I think that’s what motivated me not to stop on what I already had but to work hard, make a comprehensive approach to the development of myself and education.


From age of 16 I studied and received multilateral diplomas and certificates in coaching, officiating and teaching methods: WDC, LSDF and many others. Until now I have been dancing since 2009, I have passed the exams and categories, and I belong now to the world category of dancers and trainers “WDC Professional”. I believe that by developing myself, passing feelings through the body, I can more figuratively teach dancing skills to students.


I am active, restless, I like beautiful events, new projects, everything that moves and develops. From the last achievements I can emphasise the victory in the TV show “Dejo ar Zvaigzni 2015” and Cup “Grand National Champion” in Miami in 2015.


I love children, and and I’ve specialised in in teaching creative dance programmes since 2006. Since 2011, I have had several years of work experience in Canada, where I worked with the method called DANCE FOR KIDS, which is special with its construction of activities. I used mixed styles, and subjects, supporting the child’s individuality.


I was a final dance choreographer for the students in the areas of dance in Westmount Collegiate Institute, Canada. My hobby is to actively spend holidays with my family; I love nature and travelling.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

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