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Founder’s vision

Our founder of Exupery International School is Elena Buyanova, her professionalism and personal contribution to the development of the Russian Information Technology industry has been recognised through numerous Awards, Certificates and Diplomas.

"Like the great humanist and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I believe that "only the children know what they are looking for.” The task of all adults is only to help them to find it. "The Little Prince" is one of the most beloved and significant books in my life. It reminds adults of what was important to them when they were little children, and also manages to teach us that important things happen here and now, not at some later time. Therefore, the name for this school - Exupery - came naturally.

Exupery International School is a place where teachers are mentors that help children not only master the academic program, but, most importantly, find their mission. After all, the happiest people on Earth are those whose childhood hobbies have become part of their professional life. If a person is engaged in what he or she really likes, then they have both the motivation and desire to move forward and achieve true results."

A word from our Head of School

Exupery International School is a vibrant and rapidly growing learning community where students feel happy, safe and at home. For our boarders, school is actually a home from home – and it is amazing for them to be part of a school that is alive 24/7. It is truly exciting to feel the buzz of teaching and learning, see the smiles of students and teachers, and hear different languages every day. Our fantastic purpose-built facility is the perfect setting for our rigorous PYP, IBDP, and IGCSE academic programs, all of which promote an international outlook, critical thinking, metacognition, and creativity. Our language of instruction is English, but we also have robust mother tongue programs for local languages, and provide opportunities for the acquisition of at least one more additional language. All this contributes to the development of the whole child, and makes coming to school every day exciting. Hard to believe? Ask our students!

Guiding Statements

Exupery International School (EIS) offers preschool through secondary education for international families within Latvia, the Baltic Region, and the wider world.


Guided by the ideals of the United Nations, and as an IB World School, Exupery International School provides a caring and challenging learning environment, which fosters an international outlook and multilingualism. We inspire our students to become creative, resilient, and responsible citizens, who will thrive and be happy within our ever-changing technological world.


There are three key strategic directives embedded within our Guiding Statements, which will be central to our success in going forward as a school, and which will therefore guide decision-making and action within the school. These three directives are also intended to help us measure our success in achieving the vision described in this guiding statement. Within this context we believe that:

  1. Members of our international community are committed to being responsible citizens, and accept the values and principles of the United Nations and the International Baccalaureate;
  2. EIS provides a caring and challenging learning environment and offers nationally and internationally recognized curricula to support the diverse educational needs of our students;
  3. The EIS community prepares students for an ever-changing technological world by developing their capacity for creativity and collaborative problem solving.

Please consult our Guiding Statements Policy for more details.

EIS Timeline
On September 9, 2021 Exupery International School Primary division has been registered as a Cambridge Primary School.
In June 2021 Exupery International School has received the status of an international school in Latvia.
In March 2021, Exupery International School received accreditation from the International Baccalaureate, authorizing it to offer the IB Diploma Programme.
In July 2020, Exupery International School was included in the Altis Kronvalda Foundation’s annual ranking of high-performing schools for its Olympiad work, placing in the top ten positions of the foundation’s small schools category.
The school’s first graduation ceremony for students from Grade 9 was held in June 2020, serving as preparation for inducting students into the Senior School program.
In the beginning of 2020, EIS Grade 7-9 students took part in various Latvian national Olympiads, such as the 70th Olympiad in Physics, the 50th French Language Olympiad for Grades 5-12, and the Russian Language Olympiad "Expressive Speech,” and achieved great results.
In February 2020, EIS was authorized by Cambridge International Examinations to offer the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level (AS/A Level).
In August 2019, construction began on Exupery International School’s state-of-the-art Senior School, intended to house Grades 10 through 12 and provide a world-class transition into university and beyond.
In August 2019, Exupery International School received accreditation from the International Baccalaureate, authorizing it to offer the Primary Years Programme.
Exupery International School offered its first summer camps for students from around the world in July and August of 2019.
In March 2019, Exupery students journeyed to Finland to take part in yet another installment of the school’s Nordplus program, staying with host families and learning about local education through hands-on activities and workshop sessions.
Exupery International School was accepted into the Council of International Schools in December 2018, enabling it to make full use of the sprawling assortment of resources and connections offered by CIS.
Middle School students went truly international in June 2018 with Exupery’s first field trip beyond the Schengen Zone, taking students to Australia for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with wildlife, the outdoors, and world-class museum exhibits.
In February and March 2018, students in Grades 3 and 6 took their first diagnostic exams as part of Latvia’s national testing requirements. This represented some of the earliest formalized data for tracking Exupery’s future progress.
Working in conjunction with teachers throughout the Baltic region and Northern Europe, EIS embarked on its very own Nordplus project, entitled “Shaping the Future in Schools,” in November 2017.
Students made their inaugural visit to the Social Care Center “Liepa” in April 2017, affording them their first experience with volunteering and working to improve the lives of those in their community.
EIS opened its doors for the first-ever school year on September 1, 2016, beginning with 25 students in school and 50 in the preschool.
In Spring 2016, Exupery International School begins recruiting students and additional staff members for its opening semester in Fall 2016.
Construction of the preschool and school began in 2015 under the guidance of acclaimed architect Juris Lasis and his firm.
Our Community
'Alone we can do so little together we can do so much'
Helen Keller

We aspire to provide a caring and challenging learning environment which fosters international-mindedness and multilingualism. Our staffing body represent the global community that your child will develop within, sharing expertise from every corner of work.

Australia France Canada Venezuela USA UK Italy Slovakia Latvia Russia the Netherlands Spain

We believe in a culturally diverse and experienced teaching body many of which have taught within international schools throughout the world.

Our staffing body truly represents, the high academic standards and international mindset we wish to establish here at Exupery. Within the 76 members of the staffing body we have, Choreographers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Medics, Professional Artists and Sportsmen, Scientists, linguists and a World Champion. The diverse range of ‘worldly’ experience and knowledge our staffing body bring to the classroom help to enable us to create a multicultural environment in which children can explore ideas and engage within debate, in a safe and supportive environment.

EIS Team
Sara Badel Head of French Language, French Teacher, French B IB Teacher
Work with us
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