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Director’s Welcome

I feel truly honored to lead an innovative school and have the opportunity of ensuring that every child at Exupery receives best possible secondary education in the welcoming and supportive environment.

At EIS there are high academic and character-based expectations of every child. We encourage all our students to see daily situations as opportunities for improving themselves and the world around them.

True learning starts with inspiration, and should involve students, parents, teachers, school leadership, and the broader community.

Founder’s vision

Elena Buyanova is the founder of Exupery International School.

Elena Buyanova’s professionalism and personal contributions to the development of the Russian IT industry have been recognized through various diplomas, awards, and certificates.

"Like the great humanist and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I believe that "only the children know what they are looking for.” The task of all adults is only to help them to find it. "The Little Prince" is one of the most beloved and significant books in my life. It reminds adults of what was important when they were little children, and also manages to teach us that important things happen here and now, not at some later time. Therefore the name for this school - Exupery - came naturally.

Exupery International School is a place where teachers are mentors that help children not only master the academic program, but, most importantly, find their mission. After all, the happiest people on Earth are those whose childhood hobbies have become part of their professional life. If a person is engaged in what he or she really likes, then they have both the motivation and desire to move forward and achieve true results".

Our Vision
UNITED community

We aim to foster a culture of shared activities, customs, and ethics in all areas, including regular school assemblies and ongoing advisory programs for our students.

Our staff members work together, plan together, and teach together whenever possible. We also believe that parents, which are an integral part of any student’s upbringing, should be consistently involved and supported through courses, workshops, and Parent-Teacher Council meetings.

UNIQUE members

Individuality is the heart of growth. Students are offered ample choices for afternoon classes, language specialization, inquiry-based learning topics, and interdisciplinary projects.

Learning support is also provided on a case-by-case basis to actualize every student’s full potential.

UNIVERSAL citizens

Our staff roster includes nearly a dozen countries, and our curriculum represents an ideal blend of local and international programs.

We provide support for fluency in a local mother tongue, English, and two additional foreign languages to allow our students to understand, and engage with, a world of increasingly connected cultures and peoples.

In accordance with this goal, we routinely emphasize the International Baccalaureate’s global learner traits and values.

School Community
Alone we can do so little together we can do so much
Helen Keller

We believe that the best way to create a universal vision is by embodying it in our teaching roster. Exupery International School’s staff members hail from countries all over the world:

Many of our teachers have taught in numerous countries before arriving at EIS (Exupery International School), and with them, they carry the experiences and knowledge of a dozen cultures. Our staff aims to create a unique, multicultural environment in which the faculty and students alike can exchange their ideas, traditions, and views of the world we share. Our 65 staff members represent a nearly equal balance of men and women, and all foreign languages are taught by native speakers of that language.

Our Teachers
Wragg Mark IB PYP Coordinator, Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher
Rudzinska Skaidrīte Latvian Language and Literature Teacher
Gamboa Daniel Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher
Rickard Chloe MS Coordinator, Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher
Gabaliņa-Briška Egita Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher
Judkins Staņislavs Sport Teacher, Afterschool Activity Coordinator
Kačāne Anna Latvian Language and Literature Teacher
Kuzņecova Jūlija Russian Language and Literature Teacher
Metlova Anasatasija Psychologist
Balode Zane Art Teacher
Wolanyk James Marketing, substitution, events, copywriting
Kande Linda Craft Teacher, Grade 5 Teacher's Assistant
Aleksanyan Nelli Librarian
Malošika Aļina Russian Language and Literature Teacher, Speech Therapist
Bērziņš Edgars History and Social Studies Teacher
Pavlova Jekaterina Russian Language and Literature Teacher
Kalniņš Juris Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher
Sorokoviha Veronika Grade 4 Teacher's assistant
Fiļipovs Kirils Biology Teacher
Gulbis Mārtiņš Chemistry teacher
Haritonovs Viktors Dance and Choreography Teacher
Semjonova Jūlija Music Teacher
Ferdanska Sintija Latvian Language and Literature Teacher
Istominova Laura Grade 2 Teacher's Assistant
Bratarčuks Sergejs Physics Teacher, ICT Teacher, Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher
Vasey Nigel Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher
Summa Rex Math Teacher, Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher
Skripačova Veronika The director of EIS
Dmitrijs Vinogradovs Deputy Principal
O'Donohue Julie Primary and Middle School Principal
Rickard Drew English Language Arts Teacher, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Ford Alice Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher
Summa Hayde Language and Learning Support Specialist
Work with us
Our Teachers Video

These short video interviews will help you get to know our teachers better.

Egita Gabalina-Brishka
Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher
Rex Summa
EIS Math Teacher, Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher
James Wolanyk
Grade 5 Teacher, Substitude Teacher and Marketing assistant
Nigel Vasey
Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher
Juris Kalninsh
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher
Sergey Bratarchuk
Physics Teacher, ICT Teacher, Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher
Daniel Gamboa
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher
James Elliott
Campus tour

We love sharing our campus experience with prospective families and would be delighted to have you join us for a personalised visit!

Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 266 22 777 or e-mail admissions@exupery.lv.

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