Arvis Kantishevs

Currently I am studying in the Art Academy of Latvia in fashion to earn a master's degree, as I already hold a bachelor's degree (also in fashion). I used to study in music school, where I studied piano, but beatbox was the thing that truly showed me the possibilities of sound.

I consider myself a multimedia artist, with collaboration involving many artists locally and internationally in various music projects across different kinds of genres. I'm also proud to be a member of the performance group IDEAGNOSIS, where I compose and improvise the sound, as well as provide decorations and costumes. I perform in many festivals during summer, including "Komēta", "LMA Karnevāls", "Būtība", and many more. One of the things I also cherish is that, together with my partner for the project BALSSBALSS, I recorded a contemporary version of the Latvian song "Saule, Pērkons, Daugava", which was a commisioned work.

My passions, in short, include art, music, science, self-development, and psychology. Another one of my passions is to teach, especially children, because their rate of development is truly inspiring, and it brings me joy to aid their progress.