Sergey Bratarchuk

Graduated from Riga Aviation University. Bachelor of Computer Science. Graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Latvia. A graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia with a degree in Physics Teacher. I did my PhD in engineering sciences at Riga Technical University.

Since 2000 I have been working as a teacher of physics, computer science and programming. Since 2017, I've been teaching physics at the International Exupery School. My students got a lot of prizes in different physics, programming and scientific research Olympiads, while I got the Cronwald medal for these achievements. Some of the students with whom we were developing school research projects later defended them as bachelor and master’s degrees in Latvia and the UK. Several former students are PhDs and post-graduated students at the well known universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, SDU. I always encouraged students to do science and publish research. My youngest student who published her work in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal was 16 years old. I participated in several international workshops at CERN (Large Hadron Collider), where I lived for about a month, attending lectures and working in laboratories.

The process of creativity (in literacy, engineering or compute science) gives me the greatest pleasure in my life. I get the greatest pleasure from pedagogy when students learn how to do something new.