Annija Freiberga
Primary School Teacher's Assistant

I am Grade 5 teacher assistant. This will be my 2nd academic year at EIS.


  • Latvian Academy of Culture, Bachelor of Arts;
  • ESAD de Galicia Erasmus programme.
  • Before EIS I was working at:

  • Valodu Vēstniecība - preschool English teacher;
  • Swedbank - finance consultant;
  • Introskip - copywriter.
  • I am proud of my students and their improved English at the end of the year.

    After work I like to read a good book, go to the beach and take a walk, do yoga, go to a museum, have a board game evening with my friends.

    To get up in the morning and go to school, I tell myself that the kids are already waiting for me, missing me, and we will have a good time together!

    When I was a child I wanted to become... the singer - Ceiline Dion.

    I am learning from kids to be happy and have a good time.

    The school of the future is going to teach kids to take care of nature and live a sustainable lifestyle :) It will also be multicultural like it is here already!