Edgars Berzins
Global Politics & Global Perspectives Teacher

I will be teaching Global politics & Global perspectives in upper middle and high school. This will be my 6th academic year at EIS.


  • I graduated from University of Latvia with a bachelor degree in history and masters in education.
  • At the moment I am doctorand in Education science at the University of Latvia.
  • Before EIS I was working at:

  • President of The Student Union of Latvia;
  • Head of the TV show "History Teacher";
  • Held a history teacher's role in several schools.
  • I am proud of the level of creativity, mindfulness and cooperation across the student and staff community.

    After work I like to travel, do some reading, hosting events.

    To get up in the morning and go to school I tell myself... The food in the canteen is great, and the colleagues are even better.

    When I was a child I wanted to become a fireman, a policeman, an actor, and then at some point I concluded in considering teacher's work.

    I am learning from kids to be creative, patient, and style.

    The school of the future is going to provide the entrance ticket to Hogward... sorry, Harward, Stanford, or other school with a big name (after graduation of the sustainable, inclusive, multicultural years of study).