Edgars Berzins
Head of Humanities, Global perspectives (IGCSE) and Global politics (IB DP) Teacher

M.Ed. (Pedagogy), B.Sc. (History)

  • Alongside the work at the public and private schools, Edgars is serving as the expert at the State Education center and is tutoring at University of Latvia;
  • He has enriched knowledge of teaching methodology and practices in Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Macedonia, Belgium, Finland and Australia and this year has started his PhD studies in history of pedagogy there as well;
  • Edgars has created strong cooperation with Latvian National Television where he is leading the show "History teacher" and is editing content for well-known TV erudition game "Smart, smarter";
  • He is co-author of more than 20 teaching and methodological tools in History, Social studies, Global education and CLIL;
  • He speaks three languages:  ENG, RUS, and LV.