Sergejs Bratarcuks
IT & Physics Teacher

BSc. (Computer Science), M.Ed., PHD (Engineering)

  • Sergejs has been an educator for over 20 years. He has studied and taught a range of subjects within the field of IT, Robotics, Engineering and Physics;
  • Along with his teaching, he has held positions as Principal and lecturer;
  • Sergejs is one of the most well known teachers within the country having won the ‘best teacher’ award for Latvia on two separate occasions;
  • Currently Sergejs contributes as an engineer researcher in space-related projects as well working towards getting private pilot license;
  • He is also a mountaineer and has co-authored many humorous sitcoms for TV;
  • He is also a role model for our IB students in that he is extremely well-rounded, speaks fluently three languages and always continues to seek new challenges.