Evita Kalnina
Head of Languages

Professional Diploma (Art and Fashion Design), B. Sc. , Pedagogy (English Language and Psychology)

  • English as an Additional Language Teacher, Child Protection Officer;
  • Evita studied originally in Latvia and completed various courses at universities in Italy, and universities based in the UK, the USA and the Netherlands. Her diverse studies include those in education, languages, business, psychology and creative writing;
  • She brings to Exupery over 9 years of international teaching experience most of which has been in Italy. Our students will benefit from Evita’s wide range of interests and knowledge including in areas such as calligraphy, storytelling, creative writing, entrepreneurship and public speaking. She has also assisted a college counselor and taken part in organizing debate groups and MEP;
  • In addition to her work in education, Evita has managed retail businesses in London and run her own companies. Her understanding of what it is like to being a CEO and entrepreneur will be helpful to our students here at Exupery.