Kristina Skadina
Preschool Nanny, Teacher's Assistant

I am Nanny (K2 Teacher's Assistant). This will be my 2nd academic year at EIS.


  • Riga Technical University - Customs expert;
  • Riga Technical University - Bachelors -Tax economist;
  • Riga Technical University - Professional Master's degree in Construction business and real estate management.
  • Before EIS I was working at Municipality of Babite county.

    I am proud of my parents.

    After work I like to travel with family, gardening, spoil my children.

    To get up in the morning and go to school I tell myself... Good morning!

    When I was a child I wanted to become a veterinarian, a teacher,.. mother.

    I am learning from kids frankness, and friendliness.

    The school of the future is happy kids, no stress to study.