Laura Bērzkalne
ELL Support Teacher

I am English Language Learner (ELL) Support Teacher. This will be my 2nd academic year at EIS.


  • Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (now LU), BA in English as a second language Teaching and Educational Management
  • Before EIS I was working at Riga Hansa Secondary School.

    I am proud of my country and the talented and lovely students I'm teaching. It's always a proud moment to see your students growing up and becoming young adults.

    After work I like to relax, water my green plants, cook and on the weekends- be in nature, swim, go hiking, nordic-walking.

    To get up in the morning and go to school I tell myself... I will see all those happy smiles again!

    When I was a child I wanted to become fashion designer and hairdresser.

    I am learning from kids... how to be playful and seize the day!

    The school of the future is accessible from every corner of the world with teachers-mentors and focused on field of interests.