Vadims Levikins
Psychologist (Middle/High School)

Master in Health Psychology. Specializes in wellness, healthy thinking and life strategies of wellbeing. Bachelor of Professional Counseling Psychology.

Specializes in individual and group counseling. Has knowledge and skills of various psychological schools and approaches. Since 2001, has been engaged in psychology, and is a volunteer in a society for psychological support for people who have suffered a stroke and their relatives.

Since 2008, has been in private practice and advises parents on parent-child relationships, family functioning, age characteristics and growing up challenges, helps to establish positive communication in the family.

Since 2010, has been organizing psychological camps for the development of responsibility and independence in children, communication skills and adequate self-esteem. Conducts psychological groups and consultations for both children and staff.

Since 2007, she has been a trainer of a neuro-psychological correction program for the development of attention, self-control, memory, thinking, speech, bodily skill, dexterity and health in children. Author of a study and scientific article on the results of the program. 1995-96 studied in America under the international student exchange program and has personal experience of studying abroad in English.

He is often an expert in psychology in the popular Latvian media. Parent of two, loves skateboarding and windsurfing.