EIS students participated in the French Olympiad for the first time

On December 4th the French Olympiad took place in Riga French Lycée already for the 50th time. This anniversary became a festive debut for us. It was the first time when a team of 5 participants from grades 6, 8, and 9 tried their forces at this prestigious competition. Jelena Jesajana, our French teacher has been inspiring and training a team for two months and convinced the students to believe in themselves.

Conditions of participation were: French, as a first, as a second or as a third foreign language. We performed in the category French as a second foreign language. And we are happy and extremely proud to announce that the debut was successful: a 9th-grade student won the 3rd place, and an 8th-grade student received the incentive prize.

An important component of the Olympiad was writing of the essay on the theme of humanistic ideals, so close to ideas of Antuain de Saint-Exupery - Learning to grow together for common good. Friendship, happiness, commitment - EIS students learn to reflect on these topics in lessons, discuss them after reading books, express their thoughts on paper, and try themselves in literary work – this is a significant part of growing mindset.

Olympiads motivate for healthy competition, to develop skills of communication. Besides, prizes and incentive places at city and national level Olympiads may bring privileges when entering universities, for example, you can enter the budget department of the French language at the University of Latvia out of competition.

We are preparing for the next stage - a performance at the level of the National Olympiads, which is a new challenge for our students – it will require courage and ability to speak in public and that will give us a new impact for developing storytelling skills and creativity.

We sincerely congratulate the teacher, prize-winners and all participants of the Olympiad, and we wish them success at the national Olympiad in February 2020.

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