Exupery International School giving tree

The winter holidays are fast approaching and we would like to introduce a new tradition here at Exupery International School. There are many children in Latvia who will not be able to receive festive gifts, because they are either in orphanages or their families are in need. We would like our EIS community to support two institutions that we have identified this year. Pupils and Parents are invited to show your support by purchasing a special gift for a child. A Giving Tree will be placed near the Main Office, where if your child wishes to participate in this charity event, they can select an ornament.

We will be helping:

  • Social Day Care Center “Kauguri” - children with special needs;
  • Orphanage Zīļuks in Ērgļi paris

This wonderful and generous Charity initiative will begin on Friday, November 20 to show your support you need to do the following:

1) Select an ornament from the Giving Tree located near the Main Office.
2) Bring the ornament to your teacher who will record your child's name and the number from the ornament.
3) Buy a gift, - spending no more than 25-30 Euros.
4) Wrap the gift, labeling it with the ornament you picked from the tree.
5) Bring the gift to school no later than December 15 and leave it with your teacher or under the Giving Tree.

This year many of our children are studying online, but we hope this will not affect participation in this charity. If as a family you wish to participate, please send an email to madara.pole@exupery.lv including your child's name and year group or call to +371 29455555 and I will choose an ornament from the Giving Tree for you, and share the information with you. You will then be required to purchase a gift and deliver it to school.

If you wish to add something else you can add a card or some sweets! All the gifts will be delivered to the children between 16th - 18th December.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at madara.pole@exupery.lv or call to +371 29455555.

Thank you for supporting this initiative as we build a caring community here at EIS.

Kind regards,
Madara Pole
EIS Admissions manager

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