EIS is pleased to introduce a robotics course for all classes

On January 20, the Robotics class will open for classes in robotics and programming at Exupery International School. The Finnish division of ROBBO (ROBBO Finland) was kind enough to supply 10 kits, each consisting of a robotic control mechanism, a set of additional sensors, and software.

Using the designs from ROBBO, students in Grades 1–9 will be able to create their own robots, learn how to control them, and master mathematical concepts and programming.

In addition, the school has bought an educational 3D printer to cover the basics of prototyping and 3D printing. With its help, children will be able to independently manufacture parts of cases and mechanisms for future robots. EIS will serve as the first ROBBO collaboration site in Latvia.

“We are close to the idea that is being implemented in practice at Exupery International School: to educate creative, responsible, and persistent children, giving them the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for success in an ever-changing world,” said the founder of ROBBO, Pavel Frolov. "Our products are represented in 16 countries. The Latvian market is also attractive to us. ”

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