Student support

Student Support

The learning Support program at EIS focuses on providing support in the three fundamental areas: Support in English as an Additional Language, Learning Support, and Psychological Support.

EAL Support

Students who at the time of their application do not meet the required language proficiency level for their age and grade may be admitted, provided parents agree that the student attends additional support sessions as required. Students who need additional support will work with our language specialists to develop their English language proficiency within lessons and/or in pull-out sessions. The duration of this support will be determined by members of our language team.

Our Afterschool
Activity Philosophy

Exupery International School’s ASAs are designed to integrate productivity with joyful exploration and memorable, hands-on experiences. Our program roster runs the gamut with regards to specialization and fields of interest, which are described below:

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) ASAs. STEAM represents an ideology and way of life for designers, architects, 3D modelers, and far more, seamlessly blending all of its separate subjects to merge aesthetics with logic;
  • Digital Literacy ASAs are intended to aid students in orienting the worlds of business, online content production, and computer-based efficiency;
  • Health and Sport ASAs, as the name implies, are based in movement and physical effort, with the ultimate aim of fostering good health, physical wellness, and resilience;
  • Fine Arts and Music ASAs rely heavily on creativity, artistic discovery, and the development of well-rounded and cultured students;
  • Mastery of Communication ASAs enables students to lead, inspire, and unite others with the power of spoken presentation and body language alike.

Student clubs

Our hip hop classes are important for children to follow their passions. It helps them to be more confident and open-minded to other genres and cultures.


EIS Preschool: Riga ZOO

Since the end of the year is approaching and the weather has been improving, it is time for field trips at EIS! Last week our youngest students from the preschool went to the Riga Zoo. During the trip, the students had a chance to see different animals and learn about their habits, animals that can be found locally but also some very exotic and unique ones. It was a day full of fun and joy and discoveries!

Grade 4: York 2019

In our final unit ‘where we are in place and time’ we visited to York in the UK. We were looking at how past civilizations have influenced modern society, with a key focus on the systems and technologies that they invented. We chose York as there are aspects of Roman, Viking and Medieval civilizations, still present within the current city.
We visited the Yorkshire Air Museum to explore the evolution of flight, the Jorvik Centre to look at life in Viking York, and finally the Yorkshire Museum for an insight into Roman and medieval times. The students really enjoyed this experience, and had the opportunity to interact with people and develop their English language skills. As treat at the end of the trip, students went to a local Chinese restaurant. They interacted with the staff and ordered their own meals.


EIS's sixth and seventh graders went to Australia! Our students did everything from sleeping overnight in an aquarium to touring local schools. And, of course, they had several up-close and personal encounters with Australia's famous inhabitants: kangaroos, sharks, and more!


The EIS trip to Munich, Germany was a tremendous opportunity for our students in Grades 2, 3, and 4, as it offered an in-depth portrait of one of Europe’s most inventive and dynamic nations. At the BMW Museum, students witnessed the birth and continual evolution of
an industrial giant, while also gaining first-hand experience with the components that comprise our modern automobiles. Students also visited the Deutsches Museum,
the worldwide leader in science and technology exhibits, as well as a Sea Life Museum and planetarium. Our students were overwhelmed with the ingenuity, sense of wonder, and emergent technologies on display!

The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia

Exupery International School second graders visited the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia as part of our #PYP Unit "Who We Are". We have been discussing traditions in other countries, but we realized we had questions about our country of Latvia!

What instruments do they play in Latvia?
What traditions does Latvia have?
What are the examples of traditional jobs and food?

While at the museum, we saw some new items that answered our questions. We saw canoes and nets, so we realized that fishing is a traditional job. We saw wool, a spinning machine, and weaving, so we think Latvians used to weave their clothes. We also saw a music box where people would turn the crank to mage music. Probably our most interesting finding was the yard of toys - some of the toys, like the sled, looks just like what we use today.
We will continue going deeper with our observations and analysis so that we can understand that different cultures have things in common and that coming from different cultures shapes our perspectives.


Regular charity projects initiated by faculty staff and students working together as a community is a major part of the learning experience in Exupery International School.

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