Exupery International School Science Day

Exupery International School Science Day

Date: 6 April 2017

Venue: Exupery International School

Participants: Riga-area students and teachers


Exupery International School’s inaugural Science Day was an incredible event, bringing together students of all ages and districts for an unforgettable experience. The day began with a casual meet-and-greet in the school’s auditorium, followed by a tour of the school premises for visiting teachers, and the beginning of the day’s activities for participating students. Our school’s students served as organising members, support staff, and participants in the event.

Younger students drew from their knowledge of the water cycle, food chains, and biology for a range of written activities. Next came riddles, which proved to be both challenging and engaging. The older students’ tasks combined theoretical and practical elements, starting with a listening activity that combined language skills, knowledge of microorganisms, and critical thinking in a team-based framework. Next, the students called upon their geography and mathematics lessons to perform a range of calculations related to distance. The final part of the theoretical elements was firmly rooted in logic, asking the students to parse a tricky word problem with time running out.

But the day’s crowning portion was purely practical. Students did everything from constructing a working radio to magically piercing (not popping!) a balloon using chopsticks. Younger students even had the chance to construct a magnet using premade electrical components. One of the more colourful activities of the day utilised a variety of liquids, including petrol, syrup, and dye-infused water, to sort materials by density within a beaker. The students were thrilled to be immersed in real scientific methods and hands-off work environments, giving the tasks their full attention from start to finish. Visiting teachers not only witnessed their students’ potential in action, but were able to attend a workshop entitled “Perception, Stress Mechanism and Learning!”

The day showed off the phenomenal potential in nearly 100 participating students, and provided a fascinating insight into the minds of our future scientists. From all of us at Exupery, we wish you the best in your experiments to come.

Prepared by James Wolanyk

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