Dear EIS parents and students,

We are launching the following lessons and activities at The Exupery Center for Further Education. Here is some further information - and don’t forget to be in touch and put the dates in your diaries if you are interested!

Robopilots drone school

for 1-12 Grade students

Children are fascinated by drones - they love to fly them, build them and even peer into their microcircuits. Robopilots Drone School teachers have created a course that teaches students how to construct and pilot FPV drones. In this course, they work on relevant electronics projects involving microcircuits and chips, building their very own drone. When they have finished, they will pilot the drones and participate in robotics competitions and drone racing.

Robotics, programming and engineering have become a central and exciting part of the learning adventure and are no longer merely specialist terms. The Robopilots Drone School has worked in education for more than 5 years. The teachers are professional drone racers, the leading professionals in this field in Latvia.

Latvian Language

a morning club for grown-ups

This is a Latvian language course for beginners, particularly suitable for everyone who has recently moved to Latvia or is eager to learn Latvian. The course is centered not only on grammar and vocabulary but also on speaking. The main goal is to learn the basics and start speaking right away. The lessons will also provide an opportunity for parents to chat and spend time together.

Your teacher will be Marita Rozefelde. Marita has extensive experience in the RTU Engineering School, the Agescalna High School, and the Satva and Pygmalion language centers. She created DiaLogs and Valodu kafejnīca courses and is a specialist in integration-based immersive language programs.

Please contact us if you look for A2-B1 levels or exam prep. We will consider an additional group for that: T. + 371 20 232 121; E-mail

German language

for 1-12 Grade students

We received a great many requests from both parents and students regarding German language classes. We have therefore organized a German language course for students of all ages and from grades. Our teacher is from the Goethe Institute, a well-established organization that has been popularizing German language and culture across the world for more than 70 years.

Please contact us if the schedule doesn't suit you or you have additional requests:
T. + 371 20 232 121; E-mail