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In this issue of the EIS Newsletter, we are celebrating our first Grade 12 graduation, looking back at another set of exciting events and trips, marking completion of our first IB DP Exams including successfully passing unannounced (!) exam inspections and taking a peek into the lives of our boarding students.

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Edition May 2023
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Our First Grade 12 Graduation — a Magical Moment!

Our first ever Grade 12 graduation was indeed an unforgettable experience. In my 15 years in international education this was the most special graduation. It was not only because we made history together, but mostly because it was truly much more about community and human relationships than formality and pompousness. There was a surprise movie, great performances as well as short but very sincere speeches by graduates, faculty and other students. Many tears of joy were shed. Please stay tuned to our social media for more captures of this truly magical moment in our history! Meanwhile, we congratulate our first Graduating Class of 2023. We will miss you dearly and you are always welcome for a visit back to your home — EIS!

1st Place in the National Robotics Competition

first place at the latvian robotics olympiad
On May 7, our Grade 11 students Aleksandre, Ilya and Daniil took home first place at the Latvian Robotics Olympiad, qualifying for the upcoming World Robotics Olympiad to be held in Denmark this September.
As shared by one of our participants: "Over the past two months, we have been working on our robot and its code to get it ready for the competition. Our robot was designed to detect the color of a specific area on the map and pick up the block with the matching color. Looking back, we realized that we could have worked on coding more to enhance the robot's features, even though the robot completed the task successfully."

We congratulate Aleksandre, Ilya, Daniil and their computer science teacher Sergejs Bratarcuks! Keep up the great work!

Book Author Visit

On May 11, we hosted a very special guest on our campus. Our friend from the Ladies Deal Club, Jelena Tonova, journeyed Exupery preschoolers and first graders through her fairy tales about Galia, the little giraffe, and his friends.

The touching stories are all about kindness, care and sincerity. As our students listened to the stories, they felt connected to the characters and could relate to their feelings. But it wasn't just the storytelling that made this experience special. Our students sang a song about the giraffe's day and even danced to portray the weather and nature around him. This engagement also allowed students to express their feelings.

We heartwarmingly thank Jelena and her kind fairy tale characters for visiting Exupery and sharing their stories with our students!

Exupery Talks Successful Launch

We have successfully launched the ExuperyTalks project, which aims to invite renowned speakers and presenters on the topics of education and child upbringing at EIS campus to benefit the EIS and broader community. The first session was a great success, with over 200 guests attending the talk by Dima Zicer — a speaker, book author, and school founder. Stay tuned for the next sessions!

French exam DELF Prim

Are are delighted to share that our French language students have all passed the DELF Prim French test, so we'd like to thank our teachers and students for their efforts and our parents for their support. The DELF Prim is an official Diploma of French Language Studies issued by the French Ministry of Education and is recognized worldwide.
delf prim french test
It allows the validation and certification of French language abilities. Therefore, with this diploma, a student can upgrade his or her French language skills. The DELF Prim is perfectly suitable for children between 7 and 11 years old in primary school. The DELF Prim is divided into 3 levels: A1.1, A1 and A2, corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Level A1.1 is the most accessible one and A2 is the most advanced. Later our students will be able to continue with the DELF Junior B1 and the DELF B2 Junior.

Field Trips Abroad in Primary

Since May 21, our Grade 4 students have been on a trip to Iceland to learn about energy and sustainability of urban systems. From February to April, Grade 4 students delved into these topics as part of their Unit of Inquiry that has a transdisciplinary theme "Sharing the Planet." It is called transdisciplinary because teachers work together to prepare learning activities that all focus on exploring the same topic while developing different skills.

After such a productive unit, students embark on a journey to a country that has one of the most unique ecosystems in the world and is at the forefront of the sustainable living movement.

Sign up for the Exupery Summer Camp

We are inviting all of our students to join the Summer Camp organzied at EIS. At Exupery Summer Camp, the immersive experiences are crafted to enhance STEAM skills and inspire a diverse approach to learning.
STEAM education implies a well-rounded approach to learning by combining science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. It's all about exploring the connections between these different subjects to encourage creative thinking, teamwork, and problem solving. In other words, it's a fun and innovative way to learn and grow. Our campers engage in various studios — Art, Science, Tech, as well as Creative and Cognitive Development workshops and open-air activities. As children gain hands-on experience in their field of interest, they embark on an exciting journey to unleash their creativity, think outside the box, and work together as a team to discover incredible solutions.
For more information about Exupery International Camp and to submit your application, simply click on the link: https://exupery.lv/summer-camp
“To Read Or Not To Read?”— Next EduChat Session
At our upcoming EduChat Café meeting on June 1, our librarian, Vita Shaldova is inviting parents to discuss different strategies of how to turn reading from mundane chores to enjoyable activity. What medium to choose? Should comics be considered true books? What are best practices for summer reading? The event will be held in Russian with simultaneous translation into English on June 1 at 9 am at Exupery. Please register here.
eis educhat cafe meeting
“Master Chef” Event at the Boarding House
We are happy to share one of the most enjoyable activities we organized for our boarding students this year. On May 1, we hosted our inaugural "Master Chef In Boarding" event. Here is the reflection of our Head of Boarding about this amazing experience: "The students were divided into two groups and provided with same ingredients and kitchen utensils to craft culinary masterpieces. Their task was to create a restaurant-style menu, complete with a starter, main course, and dessert. With a time limit of 2 hours, boarders worked diligently to complete their menus and present them to our staff members.
Observing our students collaborate and approach the challenge with seriousness was a delightful experience. As staff, we enjoyed this unique opportunity as we sat and savored the dishes presented to us. Following the tasting, we evaluated each team, considering their teamwork, presentation, creativity and taste. The event brought us immense joy, and we aspire to establish it as a cherished tradition here at the EIS boarding house."
Celebrating Excellence in IB, A Level and IGCSE Exam Inspections!
We are thrilled to share some amazing news with you all! Our recent IB, A Level, and IGCSE exam inspections were an outstanding success, and we owe it all to our students' and teachers' unwavering dedication and commitment. Each and every one of you played an integral role in making our school shine brightly during these crucial visits. From Grade 9, 10, and 12, you have diligently followed the regulations set forth by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge boards, and we are incredibly proud to announce that our school has achieved full compliance in all areas.

These inspections were unannounced, adding an extra layer of stress, but you rose to the occasion, showcasing the true spirit of Exupery as a school of excellence. Together, as a community, we have demonstrated our dedication to academic integrity, providing a nurturing environment that promotes excellence. These successful inspections not only highlight our students' accomplishments but also reinforce Exupery as a beacon of educational distinction.

IB DP Exams Conclude: Proud Milestone Achieved, Awaiting July Results
the completion of the ib dp exams
With the completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) exams, Grade 12 students at our school can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After months of rigorous preparation, sleepless nights, and countless hours of studying, this milestone has been reached. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their lives. As we eagerly await the results, anticipation fills the air. The months leading up to the exams have been filled with both stress and determination. Our students have grown as individuals and as a community, supporting and encouraging one another through this arduous journey. To our students, we applaud your commitment to learning, your intellectual curiosity, and your ability to rise to the challenges presented to you. You have demonstrated maturity, critical thinking, and a genuine passion for education. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of you.

Latvian Culture Festival

To truly appreciate the traditions of the country we live in, there's no better way than to try it for yourself — simply to see how inspiring it is. Our upcoming Latvian Culture Festival held on June 3 is a great chance to explore cultural traditions by participating in various creative workshops, enjoying live music and dancing folk dances.

At the event, we will also congratulate the winners of the Open Olympiad in Latvian and Regional Studies, which goal is to improve the understanding of Latvian history and culture. All participants are warmly welcome to invite their families and friends to enjoy the festival together.

Further information and registration: https://exupery.lv/latvian-culture-festival
"Food for thought"
Although the research on the dangers of excessive screen time in children is not very definite, according to the Economist, in many countries the leading health organizations are warning against it — see example here. So, as I watch this unusual stretch of sunny weather in our typically rainy neck of the woods, I am wondering how we can get our students to spend more time outside. After all, there is plenty of research out there on the benefits of outdoor learning, one of them being reducing screen time and improving social skills. Here is the list of 40 outdoor games that can be played outside, and here are some of the sites summarizing some of the most popular local outdoor destinations for families:

ib pyp exhibition 2023
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June 3
Latvian Culture Festival
June 7
Preschool K3 graduation
June 13
Primary Grade 5 Graduation
June 16,
11 AM
Grade 9 Graduation
June 16,
1 PM - 4 PM
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