Biology Olympiad

From the point of view of an engineer, a school is a building. From the director’s point of view, school is an idea. From the student’s point of view, school is his life.

Any school is interested not only in the fact that students develop in a comfortable, modern educational environment. School is a view of life, and an attitude to knowledge, the Philosophy. In modern education, where efforts are shifted towards the social skills, multitasking, project work and communication, a special place will always remain for real, deep knowledge. Individual strands have not become an alternative to competency. A good, deep understanding of the subject cannot be simulated or replaced with, say, good presentation skills. Knowledge is either present or not.

Exupery is a school that with great attention refers to the fundamental component of education, which is deep scientific knowledge and the ability to manipulate it to solve complex practical problems. Just as jazz improvisation is impossible without good musical training, so invention is impossible without good mastery of the subject.

Exupery's growing up. This year we've got the ninth grade, next year there will be a high school, which means that it will be possible to participate in not only sports, but also in scientific Olympiads and competitions. Both international and Latvian. Exupery is a unique international school working in contact with the Latvian education system. It is important for us that the students of Exupery take advantage of all the opportunities and advantages that our integration provides with both international and local institutions.

A new experience for us this year was participation in the Latvian subject Olympiads. For an international school with primarily English-language environment, this is not a trivial task. Latvian Olympiads are held in Latvian, based on in-depth programs aligned with the Latvian educational standard. Exupery basically uses international IB textbooks and techniques, and although general scientific knowledge is the same in all systems, the adaptation of specific local material is a big challenge for the student.

The first Olympiad this year in which we took part was the Biology Olympiad. For Aylar, a 9th grade student, preparing for these competitions was a difficult adventure. Thinking about the possible career of a doctor, Aylar chose for herself a direction in which a good understanding of Chemistry and Biology, working capacity, accuracy and determination are required. At the stage of preparation for the Olympiad, she had to not only deal with the peculiarities of local biological species, but also not to lag in all other subjects that no one had canceled in her schedule.

The regional stage of the Biological Olympiad was held at the Marupe State Gymnasium. In an atmosphere of complete silence, on a special site and under the close supervision of commission members, students in grades 9-12 solved problems in microbiology, genetics, botany, anatomy and zoology. Only 3 hours for reading and solving tasks on 25 pages in a language that is not native to oneself.

The first experience in biology competitions was quite successful. Although, without winning a prize, Aylar was able to score enough points to get ahead of 80 Latvian ninth graders. First impressions, first joy that the preparation was not in vain. And the first confidence is that you can be equal among the best peers. Life experience cannot be obtained from books. It can only be obtained from life.

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