Distance learning at EIS

We at EIS would like to apprise our learning community of our latest developments. As you know by now, the Latvian Government has made the decision to close all schools until April 14.

By no means will this disrupt our student-oriented, progressive approach to learning, which we feel is vital to continue whether we operate on or off the school premises. After all, anything worth doing should persist, rain or shine—working with our students is no exception!

As such, we've been preparing for this exact situation and making plans to ensure that students' needs are met and exceeded, regardless of where the learning process takes place. Our teachers used this Friday, March 13, as a collaborative opportunity to discuss, test, and implement high-quality learning programs that will engage students from the comfort of their homes. To do this, we'll be making use of sophisticated, modern platforms such as Zoom and Century.

These digital learning tools, which make use of screen-sharing, video chat, and dynamic assignments, help to foster face-to-face interactions between teachers and students, and provide plenty of quality remote contact time. This is an exciting opportunity for our school community to become familiar with, and proficient in, the digital tools of tomorrow's learning. We hope to see our students' bright, shining faces as soon as possible. Until then, we'll stay in touch!

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