EIS Reopening plan

In accordance with the recommendations of scientific, medical, and Latvian legal bodies, EIS has prepared a comprehensive strategy to ensure that our community remains healthy and operational throughout the current epidemic.

Our system is based around three separate phases—Red, Amber, and Green—that conform to the state of Latvia's COVID-19 developments. This post will provide brief information about what each of these three phases means.

Green Phase represents a full face-to-face learning approach. The school will be open as usual, with enrichment and content-coverage activities designed to fill in any learning gaps and prepare students for new material. During this phase, we may still make use of some social distancing or protective equipment measures as dictated by the Latvian government.

Amber Phase represents a middle-tier situation, and is best described as a "blended" approach to learning. EIS will operate on a reduced timetable to control the number of students and staff members on-site at any one time. It will also consist of smaller group sizes, social distancing protocols, and specialized pickup/drop-off arrangements. During the Amber Phase, student learning will consist of both on-site and remote activities.

Red Phase, which reflects the most severe circumstances, will consist of online learning. The school premises will be closed on school days, and students will acquire our program through remote learning modules.

Additional information about each of these three phases is available in our brochure, which all parents will be able to access. We are always available to answer your questions, and will provide further updates as they become available. https://issuu.com/exupery.riga/docs/eis-reopening-plans-2020

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