CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring) test

Starting in 2020, EIS is using this diagnostic assessment as a tool to provide an external measure of individual potential and educational progress. CEM is used by education professionals for over 30 years in more than 70 countries. This is one of the largest and longest established providers of formative assessments for children of all ages, from early years to post 16. CEM’s methods are research-based, evidence driven and market-tested, built on a foundation of non-commercial academic practice.

The CEM diagnostic tool is a computer-adaptive assessment that will help teachers to identify and diagnose learning needs of each child. It also helps to measure progress in key developmental areas. In EIS we aim to complete the CEM testing once a year in order to monitor the progress of each child an provide an additional lens in child development.

The test provides results in 6 different areas: Reading, General Maths, Developed Ability, Mental Arithmetic, Spelling and Attitudes Quiz, and it takes around 2 hours in total with an average duration of 20 minutes per section. 

The results of the first test taken by EIS students in December 2020, helped their homeroom and subject teachers to assess the individual educational needs of each student.

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