EIS Math Team took part in international Math Madness competition

During the fall semester several students from M5 and S1 joined Math Team. As part of the program, they participate in a weekly problem-solving event called Math Madness (international version, https://www.aretelabs.com/math_madness/about). It is organized by AreteLabs (USA) which creates live, online academic competition events for schools and school districts. Math Madness is an online, team-based competition event that takes place each fall and spring at three levels, ES (3-5th), MS (6-8th) and HS (9-12th), enabling students to compete in leagues of weekly competition followed by a by a nation-wide, single elimination bracket tournament. A team may consist of students from multiple grade levels within the defined grade span. The event is divided as follows: 1 practice round, 4 scrimmage rounds, and 6 bracket tournament rounds. The idea behind Math Madness is to create a structure that motivates students throughout the entirety of a school semester, one of enough time duration and frequency that students can observe actual progress, and in turn, amplify their efforts to continue on that path.

Every time the EIS team is paired with another team from a school around the world and for 30 minutes students work on 7-8 problems of various levels of difficulty. Scores are recorded both individually and for the entire team. So far, EIS had matches with schools from Canada, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Philippines. As of now, Olita from S1 holds the personal record among our team members.

Congratulations to EIS Math Team!

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