Within the Primary Years Programme (PYP), students are expected to demonstrate their learning and engagement with content by coming up with inventive, real-world solutions to authentic problems. In this way, all students become doers who are capable of tackling actual issues that our world faces.

The culmination of this learning and doing cycle is the PYP Exhibition, which traditionally takes place at the end of an academic year. The PYP Exhibition allows students to tackle a specific problem with the aid of their teachers, mentors, community, parents, and other sources; they then present their products, findings, and outcomes to an audience.

As a part of the preparation for the PYP Exhibition students were offered a number of workshops, such as a Book Creator workshop, infographics TedTalks, presentation and voice skills workshops and a story-writing using Storybird workshop.

Our annual PYP Exhibition took place last week. Throughout the day, students shared their learning and answered questions about their chosen topic. Among the topics chosen by our students there was Cyberbullying, Personal Conflicts, Equality and Black Lives Matter, Equality and Women's Rights and Voter Rights. Exupery International School usually holds the PYP Exhibition in our assembly hall around the middle of June, but due to current circumstances, we used virtual presentations, some of which were attended by over 70 participants: students, parents and staff members, who learnt a lot of new things by listening and asking questions.

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