On January 13, 2021 the EIS team participated in French Olympiad (Franču valodas olimpiāde 9.-12.kl.). It has become a trend for our students to win the awards in these competitions! We are happy to congratulate Karina from M4 and Aylar from M5 on winning the 1st place and passing to the next stage, and Estere from M4 on achieving the 3rd place.

Although it was not a debut for our team, the format of the Olympiad differed from the previous ones due to Covid 19, which made this competition even more challenging. Previously the participants would have presented an essay, but this year they were required to submit several grammar tasks and complete a reading comprehension task. This year the theme of the Olympiad revolved around a quote by Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote perfectly reflects the humanistic philosophy of Exupery International School - we could not agree more on the role of education in making this ever-changing world better, safer and more peaceful.

The importance of such events can hardly be overemphasized! Students benefit from the experience of competing against peers in other schools, their self-esteem and confidence in themselves as learners grow, and our school image as a place of excellence is enhanced.

We are extremely proud of our hardworking and dedicated students - who also showed resilience and their ability to adapt to unusual circumstances - and thankful to our French language teachers, Fleur Serriere and Jeļena Jesajana, for helping students to prepare for the event. 

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