EIS students took part in Fizmix competition

Exupery International School, teachers and students alike, are very enthusiastic when it comes to participating in local Olympiads and contests, and recently we had the opportunity of taking part in the Physics Fizmix competition. This contest is meant for students who want to work in teams, and the emphasis is to think collaboratively about how a certain problem can be solved, its data recorded and a result produced. The theme this year was sustainable energy and our grades 8 and 9 really enjoyed it.

Physics can be challenging as it is, and this year things were made even harder due to the fact that the teams were unable to meet in person to prepare, and they had to keep in mind classes and other activities when scheduling their virtual meetings. Nevertheless, after two months of hard work, our teams completed the quarterfinal stage at the fifth place out of 24 teams and suchwise qualified to semifinals.

Even though the events are happening online, our students get to know other teams and people around the country who share their same passion and questions about Physics. Finally, the whole competition was in Latvian and our teams could communicate amongst themselves also in English and Russian, allowed them to practice not only their Physics and Math skills but also their language skills.

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