Modern school doesn’t suppose only lessons and after school activities. This is a constant movement forward, the search for new opportunities and ways to realize them. In our difficult time, when the entire educational process is proceeding in an unusual way, we still try to keep up an interest in learning, the wish to achieve something new.

We are happy to inform that a team of our students from grades 8,9, and 10 participated in the online open physics Olympiad for high school students annually held in Prague. More than 600 teams from all over the world usually take part in it. To participate you have to recruit 5 participants, come up with the team name, we called ourselves Exupery Antimatter Squad, and send the application. Teams are divided into age-appropriate categories, and despite the fact that our students haven’t reached the age of high school students, they were allowed to play with more mature participants.

The team's task was to complete the maximum number of tasks in three hours, as they are being solved, new tasks are opened. Points were awarded for correct answers, and points were deducted for incorrect answers. The team had to agree on how to solve a concrete task, how to give an answer – so it was a true teamwork, where success directly depends on the ability to distribute roles in the team, the ability to trust each other.

Latvia was represented by four teams, and we, In Latvian rating lost only one team which is now preparing for the World Physics Olympiad. As a result, in our age group we took 59th place out of 160.

Usually after participating in such Olympiad, a team can apply for offline participation in Prague, but travel is not possible this year, we perceive this time for preparation and training, so that in the future, when our participants study in high school and learn more, they will be able to go and take part in the Olympiad in person.

Participation in the Olympiad has become a very emotional and enthusiastic experience for our students, they have demonstrated a real sport passion, a spirit of competition what generates a great motivation to continue participation in such events.

We have been training hard for this autumn months. There was even a special time in the school schedule devoted to preparation for the Olympiad. And we came closer to fulfilling of our idea – to become a school where the atmosphere of friendship and cooperation goes hand in hand with high academic achievements. In order to get into the team, an in-school selection was carried out, two of our students took part in the Latvian Olympiad last year, thus trying their hand, gaining the experience and enjoying the competition. In general, team building is a long, painstaking systematic work, that includes the selection of participants, training, but as a result, the school can show very good academic achievements.

We plan to participate in the Latvian Physics Olympiad on January 15, and this is a difficult challenge, since the competition is very high. This is the most massive academic Olympiad in Latvia, with more than 2,500 participants. In addition, the Olympiad is held in Latvian, so we, while preparing, improve our knowledge of Latvian and learn the terminology.

We congratulate and are proud of our participants in grades 8-10 Mikhail, Lev - administrator and team captain, Vladislav, Karina and Marina! We are thankful to our great physics teacher, Sergej Bratarčuk, who inspired, encouraged and led our team!

EIS is continuing open up of new horizons for its students!
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