Exupery International School appoints Roy White as Head of School

Roy White, the Head of International School Eindhoven, located in the Brainport region of the Netherlands, will head Exupery International School in Latvia to reach the educational and business goals of the school’s next development milestone. Roy will bring to EIS over thirty years’ experience in teaching and leading international schools in Canada, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

28.05.2019. Riga. - The founders of Exupery International School are very pleased to announce the appointment of Roy White as Head of School, starting from August 2019.

Roy White will replace current Head of School Veronika Skripacova, who moves beyond EIS and begins a new and exciting chapter in educational leadership. The School’s management expresses sincere gratitude to Ms. Skripacova for her outstanding service since the first day that the school was established.

Exupery International School founder Elena Buyanova stated: “We have a very ambitious and progressive vision for education based on the values and views of the pioneering aviator, poet and literary laureate, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. As per our namesake, we are committed to a process of continual improvement and development. We are therefore excited that in the next few years our oldest students will reach the senior years of secondary school. These young people will have the privilege not only to help us establish proud traditions in learning, service and academic excellence, but also to be the first to enjoy studying within a new wing of our campus. This new learning environment has been planned to meet the highest of international standards and will support our dedicated teaching staff to ensure that our students will develop and flourish as creative learners, artists, designers, scientists, and leaders.”

Mr. White joins the EIS community as it embarks on these latest milestones. His extensive experience as the Founding Head of a small innovative school in Hong Kong will serve the EIS community very well as it navigates through the same processes of development and expansion. His vision for education, which aims to prepare students for the ever-changing technological world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fits very well not only with his current students within the Brainport region of the Netherlands, but also here at EIS. Most importantly for us, he believes that teachers must be creative and dedicated, and he looks forward to establishing traditions for excellence at EIS.

In addition to this experience, Roy will bring over thirty years’ experience in teaching and leading international schools in Canada, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. He is a trained chair for the Council of International Schools Visiting Accreditation Teams, has undertaken school reviews on behalf of CIS and other organizations, and has led the process of CIS accreditation in several schools.

As Director of the International School Eindhoven, he leads an IB World School, which provides a bilingual education for some 1300 international students from 0 to 18 years old. He mentioned that he was "very proud of the fact that during the last two years every one of the senior ISE students were awarded the full IBDP.”

Although Roy originally trained as a mathematics teacher, and he was once the Head of Mathematics at a large international school, he has also taught an extremely diverse range of subjects, with his favorites being English, the Theory of Knowledge, and Physics. Over the years, he has been the Head of School and acting CEO of International College Hong Kong, Deputy Head of South Island School, Vice Principal of Sha Tin College, and once tutored a blind student in Calculus. He was also a basketball coach for some 6 teams and in high school, was recognized as Athlete of the Year.

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