Exupery International School keeps its CIS Member status

On behalf of the Council of International Schools, the CIS School Support & Evaluation Services and its advisors have completed their consideration of the May 2019 Preparatory Evaluation report on our school. The evaluators reported many positive features of the school and made suggestions for continuous growth. The CIS identified that it was very encouraging to learn how seriously the recommendations within the Membership Evaluation report were taken, and much progress has been made at the school in terms of strengthening teaching and learning, in particular.

Exupery International School keeps its CIS Member status.

The CIS have concluded that Exupéry's current Director and their leadership team have established strong foundations for this young and growing school. A documented vertically and horizontally aligned curriculum has been developed that has incorporated Latvian standards into an inquiry-based, concept-driven approach to learning for all its current students from Grades 1-8. PYP authorization has been sought by the school and work is being undertaken to develop an MYP model with the future intent of implementing an IB Diploma course option for senior students as they transition through the school. There is a strong focus on language acquisition, and on developing more formal English as a Second Language (ESL) program. An effective student support services team has been formed, and the learning, social, emotional, and health needs of the students are thoughtfully planned and provided for.

Here are a couple of direct quotes from the CIS report:

  • A congenial and collegial learning climate has been created for all students and staff, where opinions matter, voices are listened to, and collaborative decisions are taken.
  • Students are given many opportunities to develop and practice their leadership skills and to participate in group decision-making. They were observed to be self-confident and independent thinkers.
  • The overall educational approach focuses on holistic learning and a wide range of after-school activities are also available to support them in pursuing their hobbies and developing their skills and talents in all areas.
  • There is an increasing sense of community.
  • Teachers ... are encouraged to share and collaborate and have opportunities for professional development and growth that provides a strong role model for lifelong learning.

The school has a great deal of which to feel proud and to congratulate itself for in its relatively short history.

As we move toward our self-study phase, these recommendations will serve as important criteria for staff and students alike. The next reporting time to CIS is December 2019.

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