Exupery is a school of engineers and inventors

A big event took place in the life of middle school last week. Our senior students defended their first engineering projects by completing the integrated first-semester module. An integrated module is a study approach when students are engaged in the same project on different subjects but from different perspectives. This fall, the 9th grade studied integrated Physics, Computer Science and Craft. The topic of the module were vessels and maritime transport.

The sea is an important business industry and a field for the implementation of scientific and professional ideas. The task of the ninth grade was at first sight quite ordinary: to build a model of the ship. The unusual was in the details. At Physics, students calculated its seaworthiness, buoyancy, and the location of the center of mass for cargo and ballast. In computer science, students learned to design ship model elements in a CAD program and worked with global maritime transport monitoring systems. On the Craft, students created a hull, studied materials and their properties, and engaged in technical creativity.

At the photo: Vitalina demonstrates the project of her group to the captain of a gas carrier vessel, Alexei Nikishin.

The module ended up with a presentation of projects. The representatives of maritime specialties were invited as jury. Based on the results of the conference, students received good and excellent grades. Despite the somewhat naive and fantasy ideas about the ships, the students showed themselves to be good speakers, designers, and researchers, ready to defend their engineering decisions.

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