Learning in P2

In February we reviewed the milestones and achievements of EIS first-grade students who began their journey at school six months ago. The fall semester was especially meaningful for them: the learning experiences had a great impact on how the students perceive the educational processes at school. Our first graders had a challenging and exciting path their first semester, and we are happy to share some of their memories.

Mr. Paul Johnson has proudly accepted the honor of teaching and supporting our first graders in the 2021/22 school year. Here are some highlights from Mr. Paul, the 1st-grade homeroom teacher:

  • Since starting here, P2 learners have come a long way. We practice writing a lot, which includes writing in full sentences with full stops and capital letters. We have practiced handwriting and have seen a vast improvement in this area.
  • I have a number of learners who were not able to converse, read or write in English at the start of the year. But all learners are showing more confidence and abilities in these areas now and regularly put their hands up to try reading out to the class, which is a pleasure to see.
  • Learners are given responsibilities in the classroom, which they love to take on and take their responsibilities quite seriously.
  • So far, we have done an Animal Habitats project and are currently doing a water cycle project as part of our science lessons, which are displayed on the classroom wall.
  • The learners are beginning to work well together in teams, although they mostly like working independently.
  • To reinforce vocabulary and grammar practiced in English lessons, we often practice this through playing games, which the learners love doing.
  • However, I have noticed how motivated learners are by noticing their own progress in their abilities in all types of activities.
  • Each week, we have at least one reading and comprehension lesson, a spelling test, which has proven to really improve learners' reading and writing abilities.
  • I think most learners' favorite subject is maths as they like solving sums and trying to answer puzzles.

Please see some highlights from this school year with P2!

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