Magical Transfigurations at EIS

One of the most intriguing and mysterious classrooms in our school is, of course, the Chemistry classroom, where our High school pupils study the properties of chemicals, learn the nature of things, and comprehend the magic of transformation of one substance to another.

It turns out that metals can be more active, less active and neutral, and acids are not equal, and also are classified in accordance with its’ strengths. Reactions of metals with acids also may differ: the intensity of the reaction depends on the activity of the metal. It's fascinating to feel like a bit of a magician, and to get brown smoke from heating iron with chlorine gas. But if you mix sodium and chlorine in a flask you get ordinary table salt and, as a bonus - a full flask of white smoke.

But seriously, who knows, maybe among our students there are future inventors of unique medicines, or scientists, who will save our planet from pollution.

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