Distance Learning at EIS in the Primary

Distance Learning at EIS in the Primary

Our team of teachers and teaching assistants at EIS aim to inspire children with innovative lessons, unique learning opportunities and high-quality teaching. Every online primary school day is an engaging one that brings to life every aspect of the PYP curriculum, with plenty of opportunities to interact with teachers and classmates.

Our Distance Learning Programme has two key aspects:

Online learning time where students can learn from their teachers ‘live’. Online instruction will happen through Zoom. Teachers will work with students as a whole class and use break-out rooms for smaller group work. Students will receive instructional time, have some time to practice and then reconvene as a group for feedback and sharing of work. We also provide one-on-one support where necessary.

Offline learning time where pupils learn independently through tailored tasks set by their teacher. This is to ensure students have time away from the screen, however the teacher will be available during that time to support. Offline tasks are an opportunity to do tasks independently and then share online. Through our Distance Learning Programme your child will:

  • Participate in real-time lessons
  • Enjoy a balance of online and offline learning
  • Receive high-quality, interactive assignments and regular personalised feedback through our Toddle platform
  • Complete tasks and activities with their classmates
  • Develop essential skills and nurture curiosity through independent learning and our PYP Units of Inquiry
  • Receive regular updates from your child’s teachers on their progress and achievements on Toddle
  • Participate in a range of activities from our After School Activities Programme
  • Participate in whole-school challenges for community building

Your child’s wellbeing is always at the heart of everything we do, paying close attention to their social, emotional, creative, physical and cultural needs.

Parent support Your child's teachers will be in communication with you on a regular basis and will try to support you in any way possible. For example, if you do not have a printer at home, we can arrange for print-outs to be picked up from school. Classroom teachers and teaching assistants also organise regular parent sessions to make sure you get the support you need with understanding of our programme of learning and our Toddle platform.

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