EIS High School students took part in an international physics competition

Physics competitions and Olympiads have become a tradition in Exupery International School. Last week, a group of high school students from Exupery took part in an international team competition organized by the Prague University of Charles.

During the competition, 657 teams from 46 countries of the world solved difficult physics problems for three hours. If a task was solved correctly, the team proceeded to the next task.

Five students of our IB program became the “Exupery Antimatter Squad” team. During the competition, it was necessary not only to solve problems as quickly as possible, but to coordinate, communicate, share ideas, and also be able to retreat in time, if a task takes too long to complete.

Our team managed to solve 14 problems, earning themselves 41 points, in group B. We finished the competition in 88th place among 262 teams.

A thrilling “hurry up” race in the middle of the game, ignited positive emotions, and heightened the joy of received points. This competition, lifted the spirit of international science.

Many thanks to the participants: Olita, Rekhaf, Areti, Vlad, and Lev. A special shout out also goes to Daniel from 10th grade who participated as an observer and trainee.

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