Riga Ball 2020

Dear parents,

we would like to share some news regarding the famous "Rigas Balle 2020", one of our school's partner events.

This year's Ball will be hosted on October 10, 2020 in the famous House of Blackheads. This grand event, now in its fifth year, has become an outstanding cultural event for all of Riga. Exupery International School is a proud partner of the Riga Ball, and traditionally helps students prepare a colorful contributing act under the guidance of our school dance teacher.

This year's Ball will feature many prominent figures from Latvia, as well as two orchestras, artists from the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, and other esteemed participants from the world of dance and entertainment. All necessary hygienic procedures will be met during the Ball, and world-class catering will be provided by some of Riga's most lauded restaurants.

If you are interested in attending “Rīgas Balle 2020,” please hurry to book your spots—there are only 4 tables of 8 persons left. Parents of Exupery students can take advantage of a special discounts available for EIS families. If you are interested, please call +37128100843 or write to info@rigasballe.lv. Don’t forget to mention that you’re from Exupery International School to get a special price!

More information about the event can be found here: http://facebook.com/rigasballe Instagram: @rigasballe

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