The English Language Olympiad

The English Language Olympiad in Latvia is a state Olympiad that encourages students to perfect their English language, challenges them to compete in English language comprehension, and create a connection with each other based on common interests.

This year, more than 2000 students participated in the fifty-first English Language State Olympiad in Latvia. The Olympiad was held for the first time using the "Examus" monitoring tool. It was used to monitor the participant's honest behavior during the Olympics, thus, audio, video, and desktop analysis was performed, as well as visuals of the identity document.

The Olympiad lasted 180 minutes and students solved challenging tasks on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We are proud to announce Year 10 students from Exupery International School who took honorable places in the second round of the Olympiad for Years 10-12.

Karina - 2nd place
Estere – 3rd place
Karlina Merija - 3rd place

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the Olympiad!

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