The new year has kicked off with some good news for EIS students!

The new year has kicked off with some good news for our Exupery high school STEM students!

In December, the first round of the Latvian Olympiad in physics took place. Our team, Exupery Antimatter Squad, took part in the Olympiad. The organizers of the event are graduates and students from the Latvian First State gymnasium. Any Latvian schools were allowed to participate.

Competitions in the Olympiad are held in a traditional team format. A team of up to five students receives a package of tasks. The team must then make tactical decisions, dividing the tasks amongst the team members. With three hours on the clock, they need to find a solution, discuss the result with their teammates, and make a decision to submit their answer or find an alternative approach to finding the answer.

The first round was not easy for our EIS High School students. The assignments were challenging, but interesting. They especially enjoyed the problem of orbital maneuvering - in which, to find the solution, in addition to other traditional surfaces, they had to use a window in the physics room.

And now, the solutions have been tested and we are happy to announce that we took 3rd place out of 22 teams in the Grade 11 category! This means that we are qualified for the second round of the Olympiad!

The next stage will take place in person, in the Latvian First State gymnasium, if the epidemiological situation allows. We hope that everything will be fine, and that we will be able to meet physicists from other schools in the friendly competition.

Congratulations to the Exupery International School team members Estere, Vlad, Olita, and Rehafa. We also thank the team coach - our Physics teacher Mr. Sergei.

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