100 days StartUp Accelerator
for teenagers
11-19 years old

Riga & Baltic States

Non-profit project supported by
Exupery International School

  • To live all stages of a real IT project - from idea to solution, business plan, pitching and investment search;

  • Understand how real projects are developed and business is conducted here;

  • Get acquainted with IT experts, work in a cool team and spend time with benefit and pleasure;

  • Find your user and make his life better;

  • Bonus round: cookies, online parties and many local memes.

Programme languages:

ENGLISH (main)
Russian and Latvian (additional)


online and offline, during weekends

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About a programme

This is a free programme, where you and your team will find ideas for an IT-project and realize it.

We will teach you how to detect issues, test hypotheses, talk to users, come up with solutions and move forward in development.

Want to figure out how to effectively monitor health? Tired from education chaos? Annoyed by a variety of communication channels? No time for sports? IT is your help!

Our experts and even manager students will help you. However, it has to be your project, which you and your team will create.

If you never worked in teams before we will guide you and teach you!

We will pass all the way from the idea of a project to its realization, pitching, business plan and a search of investors together.

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I am in! What’s next?

The end of the accelerator program is June 6, 2021.

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