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For Kids and Teens 10-15 years old:
VR zone, Drone piloting, Python coding, Science labs.
Working language: English.
Program dates:
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Program details:
  • The program is based on UN Global Goals. Let’s save the World together!
  • Problem and Project-Based Learning with Science and IT professionals from Latvia, Great Britain, Russia and US.
  • Hands-on activities and real projects.
  • Special guests and experts from Stanford, MIT, UN.
  • Multi-digital performance with outstanding artists.
  • VR zone.
  • Working language — English.
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6 reasons to choose Exupery International Summer School

Young scientists and IT engineers will navigate and help your kids and teens to create outstanding projects.

Modern technologies are integrated in daily life of Exupery Summer School. 3D-printer, VR-zone, 3D-monitor, iMac-classroom, Windows-classroom, interactive smartboards. Everything you need to create digital products.

Sport activities are integrated into daily schedule of the program.

Healthy food. Our partner is one of the best and well known restaurants in Latvia — Line 36. They will take the best care of the food at the summer school, so the participants would enjoy delicious meals 4 times a day.

Theatre directors and musicians together with your kids and teens will create real multimedia show, that will be performed at the final day of the shift.

Great place to be. The summer program will be held at award winning modern building of Exupery International school. All rooms ensure a healthy environment for your child.

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Santa Berzina - Chemistry teacher

I'm a student in chemical engineering at Riga Technical University. I've been a teacher at the Riga School of Natural Sciences for the past 4 years. I did practical and applied chemistry projects with young scientists from various high schools in Latvia. I'm really concerned about UN Global Goals, and I love to work with kids! I'm sure that science can help us to find solutions that will make our world a better place.

Summer School with boarding option
Program dates:
Daily schedule
  • Morning work-out
  • Breakfast
  • Lab Studies
  • Lunch
  • Personal time
  • Quest / Active games / Sport
  • Snack
  • Dancing / Bitboxing / Theatre
  • Departure

The program is run from Monday till Friday during two weeks. Saturday and Sundays are off.

For participants that will choose option with boarding, the sightseeing and sport options will be organized during the weekend.

Program price
  • Day program
  • Boarding without weekend (10 days)
  • Boarding with weekend (12 days)

What is included:

  1. Science and IT Lab
  2. 3 meals a day
  3. Sports activities
  4. Art classes and participation in final multimedia show
  5. VR-zone activities
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