summer school IT & SCIENCE
  • For Kids and Teens 10-15 years old
  • VR zone, Drone piloting, Python coding, Science labs
  • Boarding option
  • Working language: English
  • Transfer from Riga International Airport
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Exupery International Summer School
6 reasons to choose Exupery International Summer School

Young scientists and IT engineers will navigate and help your kids and teens to create outstanding projects.

Modern technologies are integrated in daily life of Exupery Summer School. 3D-printer, VR-zone, 3D-monitor, iMac-classroom, Windows-classroom, interactive smartboards. Everything you need to create digital products.

Sport activities are integrated into daily schedule of the program.

Healthy food. Our partner is one of the best and well known restaurants in Latvia — Line 36. They will take the best care of the food at the summer school, so the participants would enjoy delicious meals 4 times a day.

Theatre directors and musicians together with your kids and teens will create real multimedia show, that will be performed at the final day of the shift.

Great place to be. The summer program will be held at award winning modern building of Exupery International school. All rooms ensure a healthy environment for your child.

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit Exupery school this summer for my son. He very much liked everything which was suggested to him: lessons, accommodation, after classes program et cetera. Friendly atmosphere which was created by the teachers and the stuff worth a special note. Facilities of the school were exceptional and the design of the school was modern. The food was pretty good. Special gratitude for fast and professional work in the course of visit preparation. See you again.

With best regards,
Ilya and Semen Lifshits

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July 12th was the last day of the 1st shift of Exupery Summer School and the first graduation took place in the evening. But Graduation in Exupery is more than just a ceremony for our students at the end of the summer school.

Our students and teachers prepared a multimedia show to demonstrate what have our students learned over. We are proud of our students achievements in robotics, python coding, in art installations, beatboxing and science lab.

School Community
Summer School Team
Juljana Zaharenko Director

I'm glad to be part of the team for the Exupery International Summer School. We tried to build our program to show our students that, with strong scientific and tech knowledge, we can make our world a better place.

In the Exupery Summer School team, I am responsible for the coziness, comfort, and safety of our students, as well as for attracting partners to the Summer School. At the Exupery Summer School, we develop awareness and responsibility, and offer the maximum choice of classes for our students. As a mother of two children, I believe that love and education are the best that we can do for our children.

Vitaly van den Berg Commercial Director

In the Exupery International Summer School team, I am responsible for attracting and communicating with our students and their parents, as well as leading joint projects with corporate clients.

For most of my professional life, I’ve worked in different international corporations. And I am glad that I can apply the experience and knowledge I’ve received in the Exupery International Summer School. Being a father of two beautiful daughters, I understand that the best investment we can make is in the education and future of our children!

Nargiz Asadova Educational Producer

I am an international journalist, radio host, founder and CEO of the School for the Future Professions CrushPro (Moscow), a participant of the Map of Innovative Leaders in Education, a permanent speaker at the Moscow International Education Fair, and an expert on project-based learning.

My task is to bring together the best teachers and experts from Russia, Latvia, Europe, and the USA at our Summer School. I have been certain that it is very important to develop a global vision and to form a responsible attitude toward the problems of mankind since childhood. In the Exupery International Summer School, students make truly significant projects, because as the American educator and philosopher John Dewey once said: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Summer School with boarding option
Program dates:
Daily schedule
  • Morning work-out
  • Breakfast
  • Lab Studies
  • Lunch
  • Personal time
  • Quest / Active games / Sport
  • Snack
  • Dancing / Beatboxing / Theatre
  • Departure

The program is run from Monday till Friday during two weeks. Saturday and Sundays are off.

For participants that will choose option with boarding, the sightseeing and sport options will be organized during the weekend.

Program price
  • Day program
  • Boarding without weekend (10 days)
  • Boarding with weekend (12 days)

What is included:

  1. Science and IT Lab
  2. 3 meals a day
  3. Sports activities
  4. Art classes and participation in final multimedia show
  5. VR-zone activities
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