Exupéry International School is located at the heart of the Baltics in a suburban area of Latvia between Riga and Jurmala.


Exupéry International School is a unique children’s educational center, combining pre-school and primary and secondary school education, thus helping reduce the stress usually caused by the transition to schooling.


At Exupéry International School the child is at the center of attention. An international education system helps to develop the children’s abilities to express themselves, to think independently and become leaders, to take shape as personalities, making full use of their potential.  The structure of the School ensures continuity of education as the pre-school facility operating on the time-tested L’ecole Maternelle principle transitions into the customized child-centered and creativity-based international school.


Children need to learn to be different

The notable French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry believed that all children are amazing, and as long as they are not taught how to think “correctly”, wonderful ideas are born in their heads.



The school’s task is to motivate children to achieve their Personal Best.

Through the teachers’ assistance and in accordance with each pupil’s individual intellectual requirements and abilities, we help children to fully realize their potential. We teach children to undertake responsibility for their learning accomplishments, which will in time bring them joy and benefits.


“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new”.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

  • A safe, stimulating and multi-cultural environment
  • The best education practices in the world
  • Customised teaching
  • Teachers teach subjects in their native language
  • The latest technology, infrastructure and equipment
  • Integrated inter-disciplinary education

In an open, friendly and supportive environment, children learn to trust, develop their abilities and become interested and responsible members of the international community.

  • We provide education based on academic values and cultural awareness
  • We create a safe, stimulating and multi-cultural environment for happy children who are engaged and enjoy learning together with teachers who have great intercultural experience and high motivation
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills in the real-life-oriented process
  • Individual approach to every child
  • Students learn languages in the natural atmosphere (English, French, Latvian and Russian)
  • Content and language integrated learning and teaching across curriculum are the basic principles of the educational process
  • The latest technology, infrastructure and equipment
  • Providing the core content and extra-curricular activities at school
  • School and pre-school activities start at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 5:30 p.m.
  • We work in summer, provide project activities and students’ international exchange trips
  • Modern library and cultural events with famous artists and representatives of the world creative community
  • Core syllabus in pre-school gives an opportunity to:
  • acquire French language and culture in the natural environment with enthusiastic teachers – native speakers
  • be involved in a variety of child-oriented activities to foster overall awareness and learning skills
  • experience a variety of lessons – art, music, choreography, gymnastics, art plastic, robotics, chess, cooking
  • Exupéry pre-school section is based on the École Maternelle System – one of the best systems in the world for pre-school children, which was developed and is widely used in France, adapted by our team to foster individual approach
  • Learning English, Latvian and Russian for communication and future studies in the interactive and attractive way through efficient methods
  • The unique Early Awakening method enables children to prepare for school more effectively, teaching at an early age skills that are useful in the rapidly changing present-day world with a focus on the development of abstract thinking, imagination and artistic taste

Core syllabus in secondary school includes:

  • Exupéry International School offers students aged 7 to 16 the Latvian national curriculum, as set by the Latvian Ministry of Education, combined with the very best practices offered by various European and global educational systems
  • The creative approach of our experienced teachers makes routine education fun and exciting for the kids
  • Subjects are taught across curriculum in English (disciplines taught in English are: maths, science, IT, social studies, music, art, manual crafts)
  • The best education practices in the world, including authorised programmes which find a balance between academic values and IB principles
  • Learning French as a second language for communication and future studies
  • Learning Latvian language, literature and culture in the interactive and attractive way
  • Acquiring Russian language and literature with talented teachers through efficient methods
  • Extra-curricular activities at school – research and experiment-based science, art, choreography and dancing, cooking, chess, drama and theatre, music (playing musical instruments and singing)

The latest technologies have been used in the construction of the spacious new Exupéry International School premises. Besides, principles whose effectiveness has already been tried and tested in leading European schools have been used in the arrangement of classrooms and the use of equipment. Our main task is to create a place for children, where they are happy to spend time and want to develop and improve.


At Exupéry, children have access to 12 basic classrooms, broad halls, five language learning spaces, two computer rooms, sports and assembly halls for young champions and artists, as well as a music classroom. In addition, art studios await future painters and sculptors, while budding chemists, physicists and biologists will work in laboratories fitted with special equipment. The school kitchen and canteen design has been devised in partnership with the chef of the “36.line” restaurant Lauris Aleksejevs, while the diverse menu has been created, taking into account children’s needs and tastes.


On the sports and playing fields adjoining the school, you will be greeted by the noise and vitality of joyful, excited and laughing voices!





An individual approach to teaching


The best education practices in the world


A safe, stimulating and multi-cultural surrounding environment


Teachers teach subjects in their native language


The latest technology, infrastructure and equipment


Children are provided with complex teaching


In an open, friendly and supportive environment, children learn to trust, find their vocation and become interested and responsible members of the international community

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