2,5 – 6 y.o
4 meals a day
The preschool day
07:00 — 19:00
English and French are the languages of instruction
Preschool Curriculum

1. Our Approach to Languages: English and French

Our comprehensive language program is designed to help our students acquire both English and French while supporting the mother tongue.

In the preschool we follow a dual language immersion approach. The languages of instruction in the Preschool are French and English. This gradually moves to English only as the language of instruction in the Primary School (P1) as learners will need time to develop strong academic English language proficiency to be successful in the secondary school. French is still maintained through lessons and after-school activities. In this way, children have learned to communicate in French in the Preschool, giving them the best foundation to build on, and to remain fluent, throughout their schooling.

2. A typical day in the Preschool

Our doors open at 8.30 and breakfast is served from 9.00-9.30 am. Pick-up time is from 17.15-17.30.

Circle Time

During circle time, children and teachers discuss the different stations that have been set up, read unit related books, and share personal stories. After circle time, children immerse in inquiry time which is set out for exploration of a project within a unit of inquiry.

Learning Invitations

Learning Invitations are an opportunity for children to direct their own learning. The teacher carefully sets up centers with materials that provoke investigations but it is the child who discovers ways of using the materials.

Outdoor Learning

Children spend a large part of the day outside and engage in more structured outdoor learning or free play.

Story and rest time

Our youngest learners have story and nap time in our classroom’s cozy bedrooms, which allow children to be fully engaged and rested.

Maths and Language Time

Math and Literacy Time is designed for focused skill building that ensures children are prepared for school.

Symbolic Expression

This is an opportunity for children to express themselves through art explorations. They can sketch, paint, sculpt, create illustrations and create textures. Learning to create and appreciate art and design is important for children to understand different languages of communication.


Specialist Subjects

Dance, Gym and Music is offered for children to develop their gross-motor skills and rhythmic abilities.

Mother Tongue Classes

Additional languages build on a strong mother tongue. Therefore children’s mother tongue is supported in lessons and children are encouraged to make connections with their mother tongue. Parents are strongly encouraged to read with their children in the home language as well as talk about the school day.

After School Activities

This is organised by a separate provider, but is housed in our school building.

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