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As an international school, we are committed to processes that help us to improve and develop in accordance with both national and international standards.

Exupery International School is a fully authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) school currently offering the Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) for preschool and primary pupils and also International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) in senior school, while the middle school focuses on preparing for the UK IGCSEs which take place in the 10th grade.

For pupils in EIS Senior school, there is a choice between two of the most famous and demanded programmes: the British Advanced Levels programme or the IB DP. The school is authorised by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to carry out the Advanced Levels programme, as well as the authorisation by the International Baccalaureate Organisation to implement the IB DP programme.

The School is also a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Boarding School's Association (BSA), which sets high standards for the organisation of the learning process and accommodation of Exupery boarding school pupils.

In addition to international authorisations, EIS has obtained accreditation from the Latvian Ministry of Education. This means that our pupils are assured an education that is, first and foremost, formally recognized by both national and international institutions.

In 2021 State Education Quality Service of Latvia awarded the international status to Exupery International School. The new status gives pupils of the school the opportunity to study following international educational programs in English and receive international diplomas, which are recognized in Latvia and in other countries around the world.

Primary school

'Our school is a place where students come to ask questions and learn, not a place where the learning is done to them. Future-proof education is about life-long learning, and being able to navigate a global society by applying knowledge, skills and character combined. This is a different type of education than one that sees learning as synonymous with taking in information.'

Marcelle van Leenen, Head of Preschool & Primary

Primary school program (P2 - P6)

Students develop and pursue their passions in order to be successful and contribute to a positive global future. At EIS, this is reflected in our students, staff, and curriculum that challenges and inspires our learners to explore, discover, and thrive. EIS is an IB World School and the Primary and Preschool School use the IB Primary Years Programme to offer a rigorous inquiry-based programme. Our goal is for our students in the Primary to want to come to school each day, excited to learn. The IB PYP provides the framework for that learning to take place. Through the PYP, students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings necessary to prepare them for a life-long learning journey.

EIS students are equipped with the ability to think independently, ask questions, express their opinions while at the same time showing respect for the opinions of others. EIS also emphasises the importance of the creative, social and physical areas with a clear goal of developing children’s social and emotional skills in order to navigate themselves within a community.

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Middle School

Middle years program (M1 - M4)

In the upper grades, EIS blends the finest of local and international curricula, covering a deep and diverse curriculum whilst meeting the requirements of locally accredited programs and international standards. Our curriculum and pastoral care is structured around learning that stimulates and inspires students to find their passions, and wrap around support enabling them to become the best version of themselves. Students develop a range of cognitive strategies to enhance their comprehension and use of Language, and our additional activity program is an intrinsic and interwoven part of life in the senior school, where students are entrusted with values of independence, scholarship, and leadership.

EIS provides highly engaging, rich, and varied lessons that allow opportunity for students to develop their skills and abilities to their maximum potential that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century. Teachers are masters of their craft who inspire and challenge students to push their thinking, make interdisciplinary connections, and develop metacognition. With experienced teachers and small class sizes, we ensure that the strengths and goals of our students are known and supported.

Learning process

In the Middle School, we offer an International based curriculum, with the main language of instruction being English, except in language lessons. Students cultivate different modes of thinking, are innovative, learn to think critically and deeply, are reflective and analytical, and have a growth mindset. Students are provided with opportunity to take part in cooperative and independent learning, research, and presentations. Some programs are in-depth, intensive explorations of subject disciplines, while others are project based that rely on a fusion of subjects and understanding to create tangible products.

Subjects and activities
M1 M2 M3 M4
English (EIS Language of Instruction)
Latvian/Russian/French as a Foreign Language
Art | Craft and Design
IT Strategies | Film
Science | Biology
Physics | Chemistry
Latvian and World History | Geography
Global Perspectives
Physical Education | PSHE
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Students’ achievements

We are very proud today to officially announce that two of our students participated in the National Round of the French Olympiad and achieved high overall results. Following their participation at the local and regional level, Aylar S.(Gr. 9) and Kristina M.(Gr. 6) took part in the National Olympiad on 8 February 2020, which was hosted by the University of Latvia’s Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences. Our young francophones took part in the category "French - second foreign language". In total there were about 250 participants from grades 5 to 12, and 90 of them passed to the National level. Aylar came in 3rd place in her age group, and Kristina received the incentive prize (4th place) among the students from her age group.

On December 4th 2019 the French Olympiad took place in Riga French Lycée already for the 50th time. This anniversary became a festive debut for us. It was the first time when a team of participants from grades 6, 8, and 9 tried their forces at this prestigious competition. Jelena Jesajana, our French teacher has been inspiring and training a team for two months and convinced the students to believe in themselves. We performed in the category French as a second foreign language. And we are happy and extremely proud to announce that the debut was successful: a 9th-grade student won the 3rd place, and an 8th-grade student received the incentive prize.

At the end of February, the Semarah Hotel Lielupe held an international children's and junior chess tournament, Rudaga-Kaissa 2019, in the lovely city of Jurmala. In the group for beginners (which had 26 participants), a 6th grade student, Andrei Ugolev, represented Exupery International School. Over the course of 7 games Andrei managed to score 6 points and take first place. Andrei's coach at EIS, Nikolai Kovshun, is a candidate master chess master and FIDE Instructor. Andrei also advanced to the fourth class in chess. Congratulations!

Our students recently won first place in the 2018 Hip-Hop Daugavpils Open Contest! The Exupery team, led by the fantastic choreographer and teacher Linda Paulauska, has received first place among beginners from 15 teams!

Exupery’s Grade 5 team has received the prestigious award of 2nd Place in this year’s Science Day competition! The team members competed against fellow students from all across Latvia. Their tasks included constructing an ecosystem’s food chain, working with buoyancy, producing chemical reactions, and solving a computer-based logic puzzle.

At the Exupery International we take a very student-centered approach that allows students to follow a pathway that is best suited to them. The students can choose one of the two roads into the secondary school: iGSCE program in grade 9 or through grade 10 that lead into pre-IB and pre-A Level course. Mr. Nigel Leigh Schofield, head of Secondary and Middle School is telling about secondary school curriculum.

Subjects and activities
M5 S1 S2
English First Language and Literature
Latvian First Language and Literature
Latvian | Russian as a Foreign Language
French as a Foreign Language
Russian First Language and Literature
Art and Design | Design and Technology
Drama and Performance | Film
IT Strategies | Computer Science
Global Perspectives | Global Politics
Physical Education
Online courses
Psycology, Philosophy, Business, Accounting
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