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Our hip hop classes are important for children to follow their passions. It helps them to be more confident and open-minded to other genres and cultures.

School Projects

Plastic waste collection project

Exupery International School is proud to develop a sustainable, ecologically minded culture through community action projects and initiatives. We recently launched a plastic waste project with the help of the Exupery International Summer School (EISS) to help show how much plastic we use over the course of just a few months. We invite everybody to donate their plastic waste (meaning cups, cutlery, straws, and bottles) to the metal structure outside the school, as it will later be used to create an art installation in Riga. Let’s go green together!

Cat Care Presentations

Philanthropy is a cornerstone of globally conscious citizens. Our Grade 7 students, led by Miss Chloe and Mr. Rex, recently embarked on a joint venture with Cat Care Community, an organization that creates and installs shelters for the cats living on Riga’s streets.

Vermiculture Composting

Wondering what vermicomposting is? So were the students! Vermicomposting, the students learned, involves the use of earthworms to compost the food waste which comprises about 1/3 of our household waste. Mr. Artūrs Jansons, a directing manager at homo ecos, brought a special kind of earthworms, California red worms, to help educate the students and kickstart their classroom composting project.

Archaeological Digging

For anthropology class this week students learned about archaeological methods, and then put them into practice with Mr. Drew. They found some interesting artefacts during the excavation!

Visual Learning

One of EIS's guiding principles is a firm belief in visual learning. In keeping with this philosophy, EIS features a set of grade-specific boards in its main corridor where students can arrange their work from unit-spanning projects, presentations, and excursions. These boards develop vibrant, thought-provoking final products to inspire every learner who walks past them!

Tree planting

Our Grade 1 students recently planted trees on the EIS premises as a physical reflection of the growth they'll experience over the coming years. In this sense, the students will grow up in tandem with their trees. The students will also use the trees as a source of inspiration when learning about the delicate ecology of our planet. Trees provide our air, homes for a variety of animals, shade for weary students, and a biodegradable, renewable resource. Here's to the start of a great friendship between our students and the beautiful trees they've brought to our backyard!


Grade 4: York 2019

In our final unit ‘where we are in place and time’ we visited to York in the UK. We were looking at how past civilizations have influenced modern society, with a key focus on the systems and technologies that they invented. We chose York as there are aspects of Roman, Viking and Medieval civilizations, still present within the current city.
We visited the Yorkshire Air Museum to explore the evolution of flight, the Jorvik Centre to look at life in Viking York, and finally the Yorkshire Museum for an insight into Roman and medieval times. The students really enjoyed this experience, and had the opportunity to interact with people and develop their English language skills. As treat at the end of the trip, students went to a local Chinese restaurant. They interacted with the staff and ordered their own meals.


EIS's sixth and seventh graders went to Australia! Our students did everything from sleeping overnight in an aquarium to touring local schools. And, of course, they had several up-close and personal encounters with Australia's famous inhabitants: kangaroos, sharks, and more!


The EIS trip to Munich, Germany was a tremendous opportunity for our students in Grades 2, 3, and 4, as it offered an in-depth portrait of one of Europe’s most inventive and dynamic nations. At the BMW Museum, students witnessed the birth and continual evolution of
an industrial giant, while also gaining first-hand experience with the components that comprise our modern automobiles. Students also visited the Deutsches Museum,
the worldwide leader in science and technology exhibits, as well as a Sea Life Museum and planetarium. Our students were overwhelmed with the ingenuity, sense of wonder, and emergent technologies on display!

The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia

To explore the concept of homes and the ways in which they’ve contributed to our sense of culture and identity, Grades 1 and 2 ventured to The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia.


Riga Ball 2018

The Charity event Riga Ball 2018, which was hosted in the city's famous House of Blackheads, was one of the most dazzling and incredible events of the entire year. EIS (Exupery International School) is proud to support such a historic, culturally rich celebration, and is even prouder to congratulate several of our students for their involvement in the evening’s ballroom dancing.

Exupery Cake Charity Event

We are pleased to announce that, our Exupery cake charity event - which featured the coordination of EIS, Baltkom's Green Lamp charity program, the portal and the best restaurants in Riga and Jurmala - has collected 4 090 EUR for Markus Berzins! It’s a fantastic result! Markus Berzins, who is from Valmiera, has children's cerebral palsy, and urgently needs our help to complete a rehabilitation course and start walking!

Visited Social Care Center “Liepa”

On the 28th of April 2017 EIS students visited Social Care Center “Liepa”. Our goal was to increase social awareness and encourage a dialogue between different ages and social groups. This event was aimed to share and care, learn respect towards the elderly and gain an understanding of different challenges in life.

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